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Design of a fixed-pitch wind tower and turbine with a 60kW asynchronous generator

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The project

The SIMPLY-60.28 project was developed in 2016 on behalf of Eolart 2.0 srl, an Italian company founded in 2015 thanks to the sharing of knowledge, skills, and experiences of a group of companies and professionals already operating in the mini-wind sector for several years, capable of covering all phases of the value-added production chain.
Seapower’s challenge consisted of the design of a turbine with carefully studied aerodynamics, a 28-meter rotor with stall-controlled blades in order to avoid the mechanical and electronic components necessary on a pitch-controlled turbine.

A combination of several factors for the achievement of high efficiency and reliability are listed below:

  • Low rotation speed, which is constant at 34 rpm
  • An extremely simple and reliable powertrain
  • Absence of inverters with the related malfunctions, uncertainties, and maintenance processes
  • Innovative elements protected by industrial property rights to improve the turbine’s fatigue life

A large-sized rotor with sophisticated and well-studied aerodynamics to offer performance above common standards.
SIMPLY-60.28 can reach up to 30% more efficiency than an upwind turbine when installed on a hilly area. The wind, which in this case arrives at the hub at angles up to 13°, is captured in a better way compared to upwind turbines. This has been demonstrated by experimental results obtained in a Swiss laboratory together with Hitachi.
Source: Journal of Physics: Conference Series 753-2016.

  • LocationCuneo (CN)
  • CountryItaly
  • ClientEOLART 2.0 SRL
  • Year2016-2020
  • Scope of worksFixed-pitch wind tower and turbine


In 2019, Seapower has redesigned the powertrain of SIMPLY-60.28, replacing the 60 kW-generator with a 100kW-generator, creating the SIMPLY-100.28.
In 2020, Eolart commissioned Seapower to design an even larger rotor, with a diameter of 32 meters, in order to meet the market demands. The SIMPLY-100.32 has been added to the Simply catalogue.

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