A research center participated in by University of Naples Federico II

SeaPower is a non-profit research center participated in by University of Naples Federico II. Its legal form is the one of a non-profit limited liability consortium company with a board of directors and which is led – where applicable – by a technical scientific committee.

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Our goals

Applied research and engineering services

Our Center is mainly engaged in applied research activities regarding the industrial sector. Moreover, we provide engineering services to third parties in several fields. We also have a particular extensive experience in the field of Renewable Energy. More specifically, we deal with the design of machines and systems and with the development of further projects regarding the design of wind, photovoltaic, and storage fields.

Consistent with its own nature, SeaPower’s primary purpose is to carry out applied, scientific and technological research of mainly public interest. Additionally, we are involved in the transfer of technologies and in the training of new professional figures. From a general perspective, we also deal with the provision of advanced services in a number of industrial sectors. On the other hand, we deal with the Energy sector with peculiar attention. SeaPower’s goal consists in the promotion and the spreading of new methodologies, processes, technologies, and making them feasibly accessible to public and private entities.

Our goals


Our Center boasts significant experience in the design, analysis and optimization – from an aero/hydro dynamic and structural perspective – of rotors, of mechanical and electrical components of several devices concerning the energy industry, especially marine, wind, and river turbines.

Such activities aimed at the realization of prototypes and at the leading of experimental campaigns both in laboratory and on-site. This enriched SeaPower with an additional, valuable multidisciplinary experience thanks to which our researchers manage in dealing with multifaceted issues which belong to the broad industrial sector by keeping alive the focus on technological advancements by striving to surpass the-state-of-art.



The history of SeaPower flows together with its researchers, who have been focused on the designing and testing activities since 1988. At that time, most of the activities concerned the field of aeronautics. As a matter of fact, our company used to deal with wind tunnel testing and design on scale models of general aviation aircraft, followed by flight tests on real aeroplanes in order to determine their flight dynamics and performance.
Over the years, the attention and dedication regarding projects in the field of renewables increased more and more. The first and fundamental accomplishment had been reached in 1999, when the KOBOLD marine turbine – which is patented, the first of its type and still the world’s first in terms of longevity in operation – became operational.

Later on, our research group became larger and larger. Subsequently, our range of skills and our expertise broadened, and they reached a higher degree of interdisciplinarity. Regarding this ambit, our company had been engaged in a number of private as well as of regional, national and European public projects. Take a look at here.
For further information on the SeaPower projects and other projects in the energy field, see the dedicated section here.

Our involvement in the aeronautics and aerospace fields has never stopped and over the years, we had the opportunity to work in different sectors and areas. In each of these, our commitment is always maximum, with the aim of designing a better world.


Seapower pillars

In the course of the history of the SeaPower research center and of the university research group from which it originated and among the researchers and designers who took part and still play a fundamental role in bringing its activities to life, many prominent figures gave a great contribution to the company. Among them, two are the main pillars – the main figures – around which the company is built.

Domenico Coiro
Chairman of the CDA
Francesco Lioniello
vice-chairman of the CDA


Over the years, SeaPower acquired a number of external consulting services with the aim of promoting the values of quality, health and work safety into the company thanks both to the expansion of the workforce and activities, and the use of more structured organizational models. The very first accomplishment resulted in the obtaining of the ISO9001:2015 Certification, which gets continuously renewed and which is still valid. With the aim of an integrated managements system, Seapower obtained ISO45001:2018 certification in October 2023.