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Gender Equality Plan 2022-2023

26 July 2023

Gender Equality Plan - GEP 2022-2023

Gender equality promotion is a fundamental pillar of the European Union (EU), integrated within the European Commission’s gender equality strategy for the 2020-2025 period.
Seapower scrl affirms, with the development of its Gender Equality Plan, the will of the entire working community to strive for a real cultural change, in order to create a work environment where equity of treatment is clear, where there are no discriminatory situations and the company’s mission can be shared in a free way, also through the sense of membership, regardless of sexual, religious, political and gender orientations.

Since the year 2022, the company has its Gender Equality Plan (GEP), through which it plans and defines strategies for promoting gender equality and equal opportunities internally as well as with external stakeholders.

For the development of the Gender Equality Plan, a specific working group, the “GEP TEAM“, was established, fostering a participatory process involving all internal and external components of the company.

The plan sets annual objectives and identifies, as required by the Community regulations, the context of implementation, macro areas of intervention, overall company goals, strategies to achieve them and the methods of monitoring and analysis, all presented in detailed fact sheets.

Furthermore, the GEP has been structured to highlight the presence of the features required by the European Commission for participation in all Horizon Europe calls for research and innovation.

The Gender Equality Plan 2022-2023 was developed thanks to the GEP TEAM, composed of:

Prof. Eng. Coiro Domenico – Chairman of the Board of Directors – Employer
Eng. Lioniello Francesco – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, RSPP, and Project Manager Leader
Eng. Bizzarrini Nadia, Ing. Borriello Marco, Ing. Bruno Salvatore – Project Managers
Dr. Postiglione Simona – Human Resources Manager
Eng. Teotino Claudia – Internal Quality Manager
Dr. Buffardi Alessandra – QHSE Consultant and Author of the GEP and GEP TEAM Leader

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