We maintain a close network of partners which allow us to deliver complex multidisciplinary products. Our project managers can start with a napkin sketch or sit down with your systems engineering group to get your program started. We have a secret-level facility clearance and guarantee your proprietary information will be secure.

  • No problem too hard
  • No project too big or small
  • No one can do it faster

We have identified and built internal teams to focus on a number of core areas. Our experience in these areas and knowledge of the trends and technologies give us a leg up on the competition.

Advanced structures

Optimized systems and extreme environments call for advanced materials and structural design.  SeaPower is experienced in designing systems based on drivers such as:

  • Weight optimization
  • Manufacturing Costs
  • Impact resistance
  • Stiffness optimization
  • Fatigue resistance

In addition to a vast wealth of knowledge of traditional materials (i.e. stainless steel, aluminum, steel, plastics) and manufacturing techniques (i.e. casting, machining, forging, molding) we have strong specialization on COMPOSITE. SeaPower is an industry leader in composite part design and analysis, and maintains.

Energy industry

Wind Energy
We have been working in the Energy field since 1998, when prof. Coiro came back from his fellowship in the USA, where he was already working on a small horizontal axis wind turbine. Nowadays SeaPower is the undiscussed leader in Italy in designing mini-wind turbine. We contributed, in this years, in realize the project of 90% of the mini wind turbines manufactured in Italy. We are now encharged by Italian Ministry of research for the design, realization and implementation of the first authorized certificatory plant for mini wind turbine. We can provide:

  • Balde aerodynamic design (also with personalized airfils)
  • Wind tunnel aerodynamic test
  • Loads estimation following IEC 61400-2
  • Loads estimation following IEC 61400-2 with aeroelastic analysis
  • Loads estimation following IEC 61400-1
  • Composite material characterization
  • Blade strucutral design (FEM, also with fatigue analysis)
  • Balde structural test (also dynamic)
  • Mechanical design
  • Control law design (events' control, safety control, pitch control)
  • Tower design
  • Performances assessment (on site)
  • Anemometric analysis
  • Farm lay out optimization
  • CFD analysis

Water Energy

We can perform design, test and optimization of mechanical, hydrodynamical and structural aspects of water energy exploitation systems.
We are able to carry on projects for system working on water fall (fluent or basins) and on water flow, either for river either for marine devices.



Aeronautical industry

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Automotive industry

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